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TMBBDP came into being because of the writer of a book, "The Mad, Bad book of Denied Psychology". He had received word from the world of conventional publishing that it would be difficult to publish it in the present publishing climate and he should seek the publisher that would buy it to suppress it.


                                                                          It's too accurate for the comfort of the powers that be.

As it happens, it's a persuasive look at the art of "mass brainwashing" (not to beat about the bush) via the current whereabouts of the vanished "Nazi cinema" of 1930s Germany. So, yes! It's a bit of a hot potato.

TMBBDP now owns this book but publication is unlikely at this time - it names "Names" and could be legally problematic.

TMBBDP does, however, publish other material in this important genre, an expose of serious political corruption - 

Twenty Ways to conceal a Concentration Camp in an Urban Area -
correspondence with the B.B.C. the U.K. Government and The Crown regarding
Media propaganda
by  Tru Riley
Tru Riley

Writing aside, Tru Riley likes tennis, football, music, he plays decent guitar and has even sometimes been paid for it (sadly, the same cannot be said for his footballing skills). Fine dining, happy company, nice cars, the laughter of children, woodwork, animals, a bit of greenery, a few favourite films, World peace, the smell of the earth when rain comes after a hot spell and the odd game of pool, he likes all these things. Quite normal, really. Good jokes are great but, if not, a bad one will will do. This book? Dirt cheap and strangely attractive.

Twenty Ways to conceal a Concentration Camp in an Urban Area
Correspondence with the B.B.C. the U.K. Government and The Crown regarding
Media Propaganda

It's a realpolitik dirty dossier. The literary establishment tells me that sort of thing is difficult in the "present publishing climate".                                          

                                              SURPRISE! Well, everybody knows that writing is no way to make a living.

The public interest is clear, what you read is up to you and material of that kind should certainly be available - it's real. It's naturally unpopular with ownership but there's no excuse, it doesn't take much to arrange deposition at the British Library, I.S.B.N. and give it via a website. Is there even a choice? Let the Heavens fall, publish and be damned. I'll even agree to have my photo' on the internet.

It's the money and you know this, don't you? That's not enough. I know something and I think you should know it too. Buy this book.



Tru Riley

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